Dylan Hoffman is an eighteen-year-old Singer/Songwriter located in San Antonio Texas. Born and raised in Eastvale California, Dylan started her singing career by taking lessons and performing on stage. Now living in Southern Texas, Dylan performs at many venues across the DWF/San Antonio area while keeping up with College. Her genre of music includes of Country and Singer/Songwriter music. Along with acoustic shows, she also has a band. You don't want to miss seeing this girl on stage!


"Ever since I was a little girl I loved singing and practically grew up on stage. At the age of seven I started taking guitar lessons at Rockstars of Tomorrow and started performing at their live music events. I always loved the feeling of being on stage, and I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life chasing that feeling. Growing up, I also auditioned for SOCAL ICON singing competitions which helped grow my experience on stage.


I continued this for several years before I hit the age of 10 and created a trio with my cousins called "KDM". We all took guitar lessons at the same academy so it wasn't a shock to my family when we all joined together. This was my first introduction to songwriting and performing with a group. To this day it is still the best time of my life because I was able to do something I love with my family. It is my dream to one day share that feeling with my own kids and fill the house with all kinds of music.

Soon after this, I attended seventh grade at a performing arts school in Riverside California called Encore --where I expanded my knowledge of music. This school surrounded me with people who were as crazy about the fine arts as I was. It was so amazing to be surrounded by creative and talented kids who had the same passions as me. 

It was the end of seventh grade when my family and I moved to Brock Texas. It was a bit of an adjustment in the beginning and it was the only time I ever took a pause with my music. I remember having a hard time adjusting to the school atmosphere. I went from a school where differences were encouraged to an area where differences made you an outcast. I remember wanting to fit in so badly that I begged my mom to not put me back into music lessons. I recall at one point even being embarrassed to play music. Once I realized that the kids I changed myself for weren't who I actually wanted to be, I welcomed music back into my life. Looking back, this time in my life was such a big moment in my music journey because once I realized that I could never quit music, I never stopped.

I was a freshman in High School when I started booking gigs around town. The term "live music" was new to me and it was so much fun figuring out the ropes of it. I didn't realize I could make a job out of singing at restaurants and bars and once I started, it was hard to stop. In my senior year of High School, I was even lucky enough to form a band with my closest friends. I'm now a freshman in College and have booked shows all around the DFW/San Antonio area ranging from festivals to Live Music venues. My dream is to one day share my music with the world, but right now I will continue playing gigs and making music, per my motto "spreading my music one gig at a time."

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